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Anybody and everybody who works to earn a living is of concern and importance, and is given reflection in the subject matter of Labour File. Produced from a non-partisan platform, Labour File is a storehouse of stories of hope, aspirations, despair, struggles and alternatives of workers and their organizations. It brings to you information with the perspective that has a firm grounding in the local situation, while being open to the global, political and economic processes and the probable impact it may have on the workers in the country. Besides, are the regular information on policies of the government, judicial developments and verdicts, analysis of national and international trends and events.


Labour File is a companion and guide to the labour leaders and a veritable store house to the researchers, decision makers and the media.

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Greater attention is however emphasized on the unorganized and informal sectors, who constitute about ninety percent of the Indian work force, and are the least formally protected, doing some of the most dangerous and vulnerable jobs.

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I am suffering because I raised voice against the atrocities of the management in the ...

Taking offence at the lack of Government initiative to take any steps to negate the ...

The saga of the workers struggle in the private power distribution companies for Delhi - ...

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“Preventing migration is against sovereignty; US could not have become the largest economy in the ...

Mexico is a country of migration, a land of mixed origin,” said Ms Margarita Zavala, ...

Tithli Ben migrated to Delhi in 1969 at the age of 19 after marriage to ...

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