The Information and Feature Trust (TIFT), founded in 1994, is a full-service publishing house which works with clients in every process of document production to produce quality materials. Up to the present, TIFT has published reports, dossiers, books, pamphlets, and posters with a special focus on materials related to campaigns of the labour and environmental movements in India. TIFT also specializes in producing documentary films.

TIFT regularly publishes two journals – Labour File and Shramjeevi. Labour File is a bi-monthly thematic journal founded in 1995 which covers labour and economic issues in India from a non- partisan perspective. Shramjeevi is a quarterly publication established in 1998, and is the Hindi version of Labour File. As flagship publications, they aim to capture local and specific concerns of workers and their situation and to spur discussion and debate on social, political, economic, legal, and policy issues as they impact workers. These journals have become established as useful and trusted resources among the various persons and organisations working among and for workers.

As a result of our work, we understand and are able to respond to the difficulties of producing high quality publications under tight deadlines, working with a number of persons and organizations on a single document, and the common need for extensive and frequent reworking of design and content. TIFT serves as a focal point for coordination of all stages and processes of document production, ensuring that documents are delivered economically and on-time.

  • We work with a range of imaginative, responsive, and experienced designers, artists and others to produce designs which add to the appeal of your publication, and satisfy your requirements concerning presentation of information.
  • We work with a range of copyeditors and proof readers having a diverse set of technical backgrounds and experience. We submit the document for multiple rounds of proofreading to ensure error-free publications.
  • We have a good team of printers, who are not willing to compromise on quality.

A Few of Our Printing Ventures:

REPORT Health & Safety Status of Sewage Workers in Delhi
REPORT Global Campaigning Local Action (Clean Clothes Campaign)
REPORT National Convention on Social Security for Unorganized Workers
REPORT Feasibility Study for Setting Standards in Natural Stone Sector in Rajasthan
REPORT Round Table Consultative Meetings on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tea Industry
REPORT Indian Tea Industry: Market and Value Chain
BOOKLET ILO Convention on work in fishing
BOOK Labour Vulnerability and Debt Bondage in Contemporary India
BOOK Towards a Holistic Migration in India
POSTERS Coastal Management Zone
POSTERS Bonded Labour
POSTERS POSTERS Labour in Contemporary India
BROCHURES International Tea Day, Small Tea Growers, Centre for Education and Communication, Confederation of Indian Small Tea Growers’ Associations, Social Security Now

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